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Here are a few study tips for the middle school parent.

1. Always insist that your child has a consistent study time each day.
2. Set up a homework area that is free of distractions and has all of the necessary supplies.
3. Make the point that homework is the priority-before going out to play, before TV, a game, whatever.
4. Supervise their work, but don’t fall into the trap of doing their work.
5. Encourage and motivate but try not to nag. Praise them to succeed.
6. Model as often as possible. If parents can sit and read or do some of their own work, children learn that everyone has responsibilities and learning is life long.
7. No matter how tempted, do not compare your children’s performance with siblings, or other children their age. What works for one, may not work for another.
8. Make sure your kids get enough to eat, and plenty of rest, no matter how old they may think they are. Poor nutrition affects the ability to learn. Sugar crashes result in limited concentration and reduced energy levels. Lack of sleep adversely affects concentration, memorization, and the ability to stay alert and awake in class.
9. Always stay in touch with your child’s teacher, especially if homework is a struggle.
10. Use the agenda book or e-mail your child’s teacher if you have any questions.
11. No matter how you feel about an assignment, show your enthusiastic and positive side.
12. Work with your child on organizational skills. Establish a place where library books and work should be kept.
13. There are sometimes numbers available called “homework hotlines” that a student can call for extra help. Teachers can provide you with this information.