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Statement of Purpose

Westside Global Awareness K-8 Magnet is a small learning community in Marina del Rey dedicated to providing all students with a global awareness curriculum. Westside Global Awareness Magnet is committed to providing a quality education by offering a rigorous curriculum in all core academic subject areas with an emphasis on global awareness. Teachers provide standards based lessons using the California Content Standards and California Frameworks as prescribed by the California Department of Education and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The role of global awareness will be critical in meeting emerging and future challenges. American society requires that students become informed and active participants in every aspect of their lives. In recognition of the important role that global awareness skills play in providing today’s students an advantage in tomorrow’s competitive world, the LAUSD Magnet Office has approved this global awareness curriculum to prepare students at Westside, from kindergarten through grade eight, for their individual and group global responsibilities.

The global awareness curriculum identifies important processes, skills, and opportunities that promote understanding in all students at all grade levels. The program is unique in that it was not written as an add-on curriculum. Rather, it suggests ways that content and activities that are currently being taught in Westside classrooms can support the development and practice of global awareness skills for students. While certain global and environmental topics have been highlighted for discussion throughout the curriculum, the intent is to provide a framework that allows teachers to embed global awareness in existing instruction within all subject areas at various grade levels. The expectations of the curriculum and the activities associated with them have been closely aligned with California’s Standards of Learning. This framework serves as the basis for a more detailed curriculum for student facilitators who participate in global studies.